About Us

By visiting this website, we assume that you are
1) Not a climate change denier
2) Not a flat-earther
3) Open Minded

As said in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: “Rebellions are built on hope – and because they united under a common banner, the Rebels defeated the Galactic Empire. The same logic applies here. Climate Change is a catastrophic risk to our environment, social lives, health, and economy. If we do not unite to find and advocate for solutions, then climate change will continue to ravage our planet.

Rohan’s Green Deal: the future of climate change advocacy that focuses on using education and awareness to advocate for sustainable solutions – meaning that they ensure an environmental, economic, and social balance.

At Rohan’s Green Deal, we want to hear your thoughts, solutions, and ideas since it is your voice that ensures that our environment is never forgotten. We welcome contributions from all walks in life. However, we are all about positivity and progress. Of course we will criticize where needed in order to ensure you know what’s going on; however, our criticism will achieve nothing if we do not foster improvement, progress and meaningful solutions to our problems. Our focus on solutions is what makes us unique from many advocacy platforms

If we do not fight for our future and our children’s future, who will? We got to start today – advocating for changes that will make a better world for us all.

Welcome to Rohan’s Green Deal