Why Finland is SustainablePosted: June 24, 2024

Sustainability in Finland is something to be admired. It is the core of the country’s mystic and inner beauty that makes it so homely.  They are leaders in environmental sustainability.

1. Leaders in urban greenery. You can see beautiful homes and buildings surrounded by the captivating trees. This beautiful photo below is in Finland’s oldest city – Porvoo. Look how all the houses and buildings are surrounded by greenery.

Picture5 Helsinki Finland

2. Imagine yourself in this park – sitting here for hours upon a time. The amount of greenery means that people can work outside, relax and soak up nature for hours. For instance, look at the amazing Sibelius statue. They have parks where people can hone their senses all day long.

Picture5 Helsinki Finland 4












3. Their beauty also extends to their many buildings. For instance, if you want great views, look no further than Helsinki’s Central Library. The Nordic futuristic and open design is ever calming. There are play spaces for children to play to their hearts content, cozy chairs for you to sleep in and a deck to enjoy the amazing scenery. The building is made from the local sourced forest industry – one of the greenest in the world. Moreover, domestic materials reduces GHG emissions from transportation. I could spend a whole day here.

Picture5 Helsinki Finland 5

Picture5 Helsinki Finland 6












4. Finland’s Rock Church is a mighty sight on its own. The church was constructed within bedrock. It is heated using geothermal energy that being on a relatively clean electricity grid – making energy use extremely efficient. No external heating source required. Since bedrock makes for good acoustics, resources are saved.

Picture5 Helsinki Finland 2


















If you ever have the chance to see Finland, you will not be disappointed.